A message for new members and returning members for 2021

Welcome to the South Fork Chamber of Commerce!

We are very happy you could join us in this year’s commitment to make the town of South Fork and the businesses into a true Basecamp For Adventure. The Chamber has made new friends and will be focusing on finding every opportunity to promote the businesses and the town in social media, electronic advertising and simple down-to-the-nitty-gritty footwork.

Right now, we are working on the map of the town and Chamber businesses. If you want an ad placed on the map, please contact us as soon as possible. We need to get this to the printer. The map is a brightly colored publication that will be distributed to businesses across the town. South Fork visitors love the map and use it often.

Our next step is searching for social media sites and domains we can join to send your information out into as many target markets as possible. We are looking for sites to advertise South Fork as the perfect vacation venue with valuable shopping opportunities, wonderful cuisine, a wide variety of outdoor sports, and all the wonderful amenities here waiting for them.

We need volunteers for several opportunities.

  • The Chamber is looking for board members to join the Chamber’s endeavors to reach out and make this Chamber of Commerce a strong and viable support to all members. We meet once a month with a couple of events requiring help throughout the year.
  • We are searching for volunteers to help with Thursday night Bingo. These volunteers can help one night or many. Help out just three hours a week, and you get to meet many people in the process—people who can be your potential customers. Bingo will run from Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend. Anyone can volunteer.
  • The Great Cookie Hunt. This event will require limited participation for volunteers, but we will welcome help from anyone. We plan this hunt sometime during the early fall.
  • Dog Days Event. The second event is a volunteer heavy event. The event (to be named later) will be full of canine activities and contests. This event needs volunteers willing to work with dogs and people and to aid with the safe management of dogs and owners from all over the valley. We are looking at Spring 2022 for this event.
  • And finally, the Chamber is handing out Welcome Bags to new homeowners. These bags include gift certificates from member businesses, business cards or brochures, and/or gifts imprinted with your business name and logo. If you have items to add to these bags, just call Suz, the office administrator, and she will gladly pick them up.

New plans, new opportunities, and new members. Thank you again for joining us.

2021 South Fork Chamber of Commerce