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The South Fork Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1956 to promote the prosperity of the South Fork area. The South Fork Chamber of Commerce strives to help residents & visitors connect with local businesses, helping to create more personable and enjoyable experiences in South Fork.

2024 Chamber Benefits:

**NEW FOR 2024**  Geofencing is HERE!!!

Your South Fork Chamber will soon be able to provide geofencing data to help support your business and provide opportunities for growth.

WHAT IS geofencing and WHY IS geofencing data so valuable?

Geofencing is like setting up an invisible, virtual “fence” around the town of South Fork.  This fence is created using GPS and Wi-Fi.  When someone or something (a smartphone) enters or exits our fenced area, it triggers certain actions, LIKE:  Sending a text message or notification to that smartphone.  For our business owners, it will allow you to provide information, promotions or specials to that individual’s smartphone that will notify them of your proximity and the specific promotion.  This useful data will also provide information for you to better target your customers for additional growth opportunities (knowing where they are coming from and where they are going…helps you plan for the timing of your events and promotions).  Strategic + Useful = Growth!

**NEW FOR 2024**  Weekly Coffee & Connections.  

Will be held each Saturday morning from 7:30-9:30am.  Complimentary Coffee Bar – The perfect opportunity to build our sense of community.  How best to do so…get to know each other over a cup of coffee!  Topics of discussion include:  New business owner presentations (incoming new businesses and new product offerings), Topics of Interest around town (Employee Housing Development Updates) and everything from gardening, hunting and baking at high elevation.  This event is intended to draw our community closer together with a theme of “Face to Face…NOT Facebook.”   **Beginning Spring, 2024**

**NEW FOR 2024**  Lodging Reports

Partnering with a marketing firm that will provide occupancy, availability statistics and nightly rates (both commercial and nightly/STR rates) for our area.  Will help you better analyze how to price/structure your lodging options.

**NEW FOR 2024**  Banner Ads

Available at no added cost to those who join during our March Madness Membership Drive – ends 3/31/2024.  

Ads that will drive the website visitor specifically to your site OR allow them to download a coupon/take advantage of your business specials and promotions.  

Click here to check them out!

Please NOTE:  Our website is being updated to reflect MEMBERS ONLY (all other businesses will be removed).  Your paid membership is what keeps the site alive!

Business Reference Referrals – Oftentimes needed for fulfillment/group orders.  Simply call the Chamber to have a representative reach us for a business referral or recommendation.

Advertising Discounts – 10% Discount on your ad in the Annual South Fork Visitor’s Guide.

Complimentary Usage of the South Fork Community Building.

**NEW FOR 2024**  A fresh new look with a modern twist!  SOFO 2024

Your membership door cling.  Both tourists and locals love to support and frequent businesses that they expect to be around when they return.  Your Chamber Membership speaks volumes about your involvement & roots within our community! 


Grand Openings & Anniversary Celebrations, New Product Launch, New/Changed Hours of Operations.

Marketing & Business Promotion Training Classes
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New member shoutout, weekly business highlight, sharing any advertisements for your business.

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