Youth Hockey Tournament Information

Breaking the Ice: Inaugural ‘Hockey on the Rio’ Youth Tournament at South Fork’s New Rink!

South Fork, February 3rd, 2024 — South Fork’s brand-new ice rink in Rickels Park is all set to host the exciting inaugural ‘Hockey on the Rio’ Youth Tournament on February 3rd, 2024, from 9 am to 4 pm. Youth hockey enthusiasts aged 14 and under will engage in thrilling 3 on 3 gameplay across various age brackets.

Attendees are encouraged to bring chairs and immerse themselves in the action while enjoying bonfires warming up the event. The tournament promises more than just hockey, with live DJ entertainment,  local restaurants offering hockey-themed specials throughout the day, and a variety of attractions adding to the excitement.

For updates follow the South Fork Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.

Experience ‘Hockey on the Rio’ at South Fork’s new rink—a celebration of youth hockey, community spirit, and frozen fun!

South Fork Youth Hockey Tournament Information Packet

Welcome to the South Fork Youth Hockey Tournament, a thrilling event designed for enthusiastic youth hockey players.
Please review the following details regarding the tournament:

Event Overview:

**Format:** – 3 on 3 gameplay without a goalie.

**Age Divisions:** 14 Under 10 Under & 8 Under.

**Schedule:** – Round-robin matches: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Single-elimination bracket (Playoffs): Starts at 12:30 pm.

**Game Duration:**
30 minutes per game, consisting of two 13-minute run-time halves.
2-minute warm-up before each game
1-minute halftime break.

**Playoff Tie Resolution:**  In case of a tie game, a 5-minute run-time overtime period will be played if the team with the most goals scored or if no point scored most shots on goal will win.

**Game Management:** Game start, halftime, and end times will be monitored by a central scorekeeper, signified by a horn blast.

**Tournament Rules:**

**Team Composition:**  3-on-3 format with a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6 players per team.

**Safety Equipment:**  All players must wear helmets and full protective gear.

**Coin Toss & Sides:** The winning team of the coin toss selects the side of the rink to defend. Teams switch sides at halftime.

**Game Commencement:** Teams must have a minimum of 3 players to start a game.

**Gameplay Regulations:**  No offside or icing. Two passes must precede a score.

**Referees & Penalties:** One referee per game; penalties will be enforced. Minor penalties result in a goal for the non-offending team.

**Prohibited Actions:** No fighting, checking, or aggressive body contact.
 – No raising the puck above the knees.
 – No slapshots allowed!

**Consequences for Infractions:*  Major penalties or aggressive acts result in removal from the tournament.
– Abuse of officials or tournament personnel will be penalized.
– No use of goaltending equipment; players cannot protect the goal by laying on the ice or knees.

**Out-of-Play Situations:**
– If the puck goes out of play, the referee will determine possession and provide re-entry guidelines.

**Rosters & Liability:**
– All tournament participants must sign the roster/liability waiver form before playing. Failure to do so will result in game forfeiture.
– Team captains are accountable for any forged signatures or ineligible players.
– Maximum roster limit: 6 players per team.

**Additional Regulations:**
– The organizing committee reserves the right to restrict any player or team causing safety concerns.
– No refunds will be provided for any reason.
– The organizing committee reserves the right to modify rules, with notification to all teams.

Thank you for your interest in the South Fork Youth Hockey Tournament! We look forward to an exciting and enjoyable event.